Welcome to Electric Punch Tattoo Studio

Electric Punch Tattoo opened it's doors in 2014 in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire. Our aim is to bring you the best quality tattoos in a clean, sterile and modern environment.

We have exceptionally high standards and pride ourselves on having a friendly and welcoming approach to our work. We are primarily a custom tattoo studio and enjoy working hard to design the best tattoo for you. Booking is always advisable, but if we have space available we are more than happy to take walk-ins. We cover all styles of tattooing and will always try our hardest to offer the best advice we can.

We now also do piercings! We only use single use needles and Titanium jewellery to pierce with. You can book yourself in with the link below or the QR coe. We also sell aftercare solutions and other jewellery in-store.

We hope you enjoy this site and our work and we look forward to hearing from you soon.


  • Terry Frank

    Terry has been a tattooist for over thirteen years and in that time has worked in several tattoo studios both in the UK and Australia. In 2014 he opened Electric Punch Tattoo with the aim of bringing you the highest standard of work and artists in a clean, friendly environment. he specialises in Japanese style tattoos, but is competent at all styles. 

  • Ryan Bowey

    Ryan has  worked at Electric Punch Tattoo since Nov 2015. He is adept in coverng most tattoo styles but has a real passion for new school style tattoos  and has hundreds of designs in the studio or on instagram ready to go for set prices.

  • Rupert Cleaver

    Rupert Cleaver has a fantastic history in graphic design and then he has made the transition into tattooing expertly. His designs are creative and executed phenomenally. His style of tattooing is American Traditional and Traditional but he is more than capable of creating custom pieces.

    Check out his shop - https://rupertcleaver.bigcartel.com/products

  • Sami Ladovrechis

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  • David Barclay

    David has been a tattoo artist for 7 years and works in a couple of different studios in and around London. He works at Electric Punch Tattoo on a booking basis so only comes up for booked appointments. he  specialise in Tribal , dotwork and geometric tattoos so if you are looking for this style please contact the studio 

  • Body Piercing

    We use single use sterile needles and Titanium jewellery to pierce with. We also can supply aftercare solutions and have a range of jewellery in-store you are able to purchase. Please use the QR code or the link and you can book yourself in for your piercing.